Tuesday, March 14, 2006

White Day

Happy White Day!
On March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine's Day, men who were lucky enough to receive gifts of chocolate have the chance to return the favor by giving the women who gave them gifts of chocolate a more expensive box of chocolate or sweets (for some reason or other, these return gifts seem to be priced slightly higher than those the women purchase). Again, the stores provide plenty of reminders of the approach of this day so that even the most forgetful man cannot say that it slipped his mind. The gifts of chocolate that men buy are in white boxes (after all, it is "White Day") and come with separate shopping bags to put them in.

and I was very lucky to get chocolates, cookies, etc. from my co-workers whom I gave chocolates on Valentine's Day. I wanted to take a picture before I opened the boxes but completely forgot as I was too curious at that moment! I have never received so many sweets as I did this year! I sometimes find some Japanese customs weird but this time it was fun!

If you'd like to know more, you can find many articles on the internet about White Day and Valentine's Day in Japan.


Blogger qaminante said...

I should object to the blatant commercial interest behind both traditions but I am in favour of any festival involving chocolate! Here we have Easter eggs already in the chocolate shops, I love their seasonal window decorations.

8:10 AM  
Blogger girl about the town said...

same here:))as I am akind of "no chocolate, no life" person!

4:12 PM  

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