Friday, February 24, 2006


Here comes my favorite day, Friday! Time does move so fast and another week has gone by.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with lots of plans ( massage, yoga, dinner with a friend, shopping, etc) and I am planning to spend most of Sunday going through my stuff. I think it is time to do some spring cleaning! :)) I have been postponing it for too long!

have a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2006

ホットヨガ hot yoga( hatha yoga)

Wow, time flies and just noticed that I haven't posted here for a long time. Lots of things happened and I meant to post here but 2 weeks have passed... after more than five years here, I still cannot believe how time flies in this country or is it just me???

Yesterday, I went to a yoga studio to try hot yoga which is popular in Japan these days. If interested, please check this link (written in Japanese though):

a friend of mine continued this India Yoga College taking hot yoga classes for more than two years and she often asked me to join her when we were working for the same advertising agency but I could not because of having to work overtime almost everyday... anyway, after 2 years, I could finally take a trial lesson. I was a bit worried as you have to do yoga in a very hot studio (40 centigrade degrees!) and one class is 90 minutes. The poses were not that difficult and were similar to my yoga class at the fitness club and I did a good job! :)) The studio was like a low-temperature sauna!!!I have never sweated this much in my life I guess! They say working out in a hot and humid room is good because you can do stretching better and by sweating, you get rid of the toxins. Sounds good, right? (Japanese girls- women are obsessed with losing weight but they are already skinny which is very annoying!) Actually, I was fine and could manage to do well trying the poses except 2 of them, and it felt great afterwards. You can feel that you really had a good work-out! :)

It seems that I stretched some muscles too much although I was cautious about my back. I have a back pain but it is not bad. I am looking forward to my yoga class on Saturday :))

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Was meaning to post this yesterday but got kinda busy. This year, I decided to try the Japanese way- giving chocolates ( giri-chokos) to my male co-workers for the Valentine’s Day . Because of some troubles, as you already know, I am not fond of my boss but I get on very well with the director of division next to ours and the director of our department. I have even founded a small "walking club" with these guys. We go for a walk together after a quick lunch everyday:))) Anyway, I like these people because they have been very kind to me so I thought I should give them some chocolates as a token of my gratitude and they seemed to be very happy - and surprised of course- when I went up to them saying "happy valentine" I am not sure why but my boss looked very disappointed that day -may be he thought I would give him some chocolates too but no way!

And I also got some chocolates- expensive Belgian Chocolates ( Belgian chocolates are soooo expensive in Japan , especially on the Valentine's ) for some friends but I haven't seen them yet so they will have to wait a little more. I am really tempted but trying to control myself reminding myself that those chocolates are not for me….

And the next day, department director came up to me and gave me an envelop sent by his wife. I was asked to open it at home ( but of course I could not wait) .Guess what was in the envelop? a beautiful Hina doll ( girl's festival dolls) display made of Japanese paper!!! So beautiful! She was so kind to make one for me! ( will post the pic later)

Happy Valentine everyone!