Tuesday, January 31, 2006

thank you Google!

Have meant to write about this nice surprise earlier but haven't had a chance and energy since last week as you know, due to some troubles at work and a hectic schedule (deadlines to be met, etc.).
I got an email from a friend from junior high school! I was so happy to hear from him after a long time (about 14 years??)He "googled" my name and found my blog and reached me! Thank you for the email Gunhan! :)) I cannot believe that he is a father with 2 kids! Have we grown up that much?:)) I still think that I am a teenager (mentally but don't have the teenager energy though....)
I will make sure I visit Antalya in summer to see you, Gunhan!
Thank you google! The world has become so small thanks to technology and I am not sure if I can live without my internet connection:))

Saturday, January 28, 2006

guess who this is ...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

one in 125 million people ( sorry ,very long)

trainpusher Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of the one of the rush-hour scenes in Tokyo. I found this on the internet. here is the link to the page where I got it. http://www.octopusdropkick.net/2004/06/people-packer.html

I was planning to write about something more enjoyable or positive but unfortunately something unpeleasant happened at work this morning so I just need to get it out my chest! I am sorry in advance for the long boring story
As I wrote before, I commute 3 hours( back and forth) to work everyday using 4 different trains each way.( i know it is crazy but have no other choice at the moment) and this morning, because of an accident(jinshinjiko) at one of the stations on Sobu Line ,there was delay and I had to wait for 20 min. for the next train to go to the next station. Mind you these jinshinsjikos happen very often in Japan! anyway, I called the office telling them I might be a little bit late as there was a delay due to a train accident. After waiting for 20 min, I could get on the train like the one in the picture ( because of the delay ,there were more people than usual trying to get on the train ) and for the first time in my life i was pushed so hard by a station staff as the packed train could not close its doors. I did not give up and could finally get on the train!:)) I ran while changing trains to be able to make it to work in time but I was late about 2 minutes. Guess what happened afterwards? No, no, no,not that! what I got as a response to my greeting and apologizing was another mean attitude from one of the managers!:((( She did not notice me I guess because she turned to the kacho( director)and started complaining about me .I heard her saying" this is the second time this week, and I checked on the Internet and there was no train accident on that line today" and the kacho said" she is at her desk" with a "what is the problem "kinda of tone of voice. And I went up to her and said" I would never tell such a lie. Here is the " chienshoumei" (a paper you get from the station when there is a delay so that you can have a proof ) and you can call the JR ( Japan Railways) to confirm if you don’t bellieve in me. If I were late because I overslept or something,I would say so." and she panicked as I caught her trying to complain about me behind me back.Kurakata ( her name) has this habit , she complains about and badmouths people behind their back. This was how she aked the director ( after I got off work)not to let me take a 2 days off my trip before Christmas and I ended up having to cancel my trip ( and wasted a lot of money of course). I really cannot believe and find it highly amazing how I happen to find the meanest bosses in this country which is highly populated ( about 125 million people live in japan)
Anyway, I was so mad as you may guess , well I am still mad and won't let her get away with that this time.....

sorry but i did need to get it out of my chest. thank you for listening!
I am going for a walk now and am sure I will feel better afterwards...hope all is well with you guys.....

Friday, January 20, 2006

tofu, tofu and more tofu

ok, let me repeat that I do love Japanese food! if I ever leave this country one day, I am sure that I would miss the great food...
Last night, one of my Japanese friends ( who I believe is a gourmet as she always goes to very nice restaurants ) took me to a Tofu restaurant called Ume no Hana ( 梅の花)you can take a look at the link . it is their homepage in Japanese but they also have an English version but with less information of course:
i had never been to this restaurant before and had no idea about it ( i only knew that it was a tofu restaurant). it is on the top floor of Tobu department stores at Funabashi Station ( that is why I thought it was just one of the restaurant on the restaurant floors) It was a traditional Japanese style restaurant with little private rooms for people who have reservations ( like us) with my favorite heating system: floor heating system in a tatami room where you can as if you are sitting in a chair. ( sorry, it is a bit difficult to explain- it is like you dig the floor and put a table in the middle of a tatami room )
Anyway, my friend chose a lady-course dinner for us. I was a bit surprised at the prices as I thought it was a bit pricey but i knew that i should judge that after eating my dinner:)) and they started bringing the dishes , so many tiny different dishes made of tofu. ( i wish i had brought my camera ) everything was so delicious and I was so full at the end. After eating Yuba ( soya bean skin) made at he table, we even made tofu with the tonyu( soya milk) left. The desert was tofu ice-cream with kinako and kuromitsu.
It was a great dinner! I am looking forward to going there again soon!
Thank you Mayu-chan!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

some interesting news in Metropolis magazine

found this while reading the online magazine "Metropolis". Interesting.
New year, new world
"It was reported that China has moved past France to become the world’s fourth largest economic power, so the ranking is now: the US, Japan, Germany, China.

China is now the world’s No.1 producer of LCD TVs and makes 90 percent of the world’s toys, 70 percent of its photocopiers, 50 percent of its cameras, 40 percent of its microwave ovens and 30 percent of its handbags and suitcases. At this rate, it’s projected the Chinese economy will overtake Germany’s by 2009, the Japanese by 2015, and the American by 2039.

A poll found that 63.5 percent of Japanese feel edgy about China, more than ever."

but my favorite one is:

"It has been found that after last year’s election the prime minister visited Yufuin hot springs to relax and invited reporters covering him to come on into the bath with him. “It’s boring alone,” he said. It was felt undignified to report this at the time, but since the prime minister was spotted riding the scooter President Bush gave him, it’s OK. "

Prime Minister Koizumi is really an interesting person. I wonder who is going to be the next prime minister after him this September. I am so used to his unique comments o TV. ( i like his son ( who is an actor) better though:))

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

just a quick note to let you know that i have heard a little bit of good news about my back problem. I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday and my doctor told me that my back seems to be getting a bit better! yay! well, it is still going to take more time to recover completely( hope it is possible though...) but the exercises I am doing every night seem to work at the moment! I stil have to continue excercising and the physical therapy but I do want to be a healthy person again!ganbarimasu !
please take care of yourselves my dear friends!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

good old days...

yesterday was an interesting day. I was called by my boss ( I have decided to I listen to him only when he has to tell me something work-related since he did not let me take a few days off) and the mean manager without any notice. They told meb that they wanted to renew my contract for the next fiscal year( good news!) and the boss also told me that he really wanted me to enjoy my job( I couldn't believe in my ears!!!) I just listened and left with a "wakarimashita!"
A few hours later, while I was working a translation on the public transportation of Hungary, I got a call from my favorite Japanese teacher from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I had sent him a belated happy new year email. I havent seen him for more than 4 years and I was so happy to hear his voice. I have found out that he is living ten minutes away from where I work. What a coincidence!!!! it really is a small world! Talking to my sensei was the best thing happened yesterday and made me so happy! I always remember with a smile the year I spent in tokyo as an exchange student- oh boy, we really had fun and I made great friends. natsukashii ne???

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prime Minister Koizumi visits Turkey

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi is the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit Turkey in the last 16 years.
I read in a Turkish paper that he started his speech with hello in Turkish ( Merhaba) and ended his speech with thank you in Turkish( Tesekkurler) . He emphasized the importance of the relation between Turkey and Japan and Turkey's role in the efforts to bring peace in the Middle East.

Here is the link to the news in a Japanese paper.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming of Age Day in japan Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

it is freezing here...

I am very sensitive to cold and I really don't like winter. I am a typical summer girl ( as I was in born in the middle of summer) Japan is not as cold as Turkey, especially my hometown, but I still don't like winter. My hands and feet are like ice. I recall my roommates from uni. making fun of me when they saw that I slept with my socks on in winter ( well, I still do) I have found some magic socks here last week. will tell you the details later but one of the things I love in Japan is that they have an amazing range of products.:))

Back to the subject, the nature mother must be angry with us, human beings as there are news on the impacts of climatic anomalies and weather disasters happening around the world. There were two derailing incidents because of strong wind and heavy snow in the last week here in Japan and again Shinkansens from the north stopped because of heavy snow and strong wind. I was so sorry for the people on the Shinkansens as it was just the rush time for the u-turn from the holidays.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 started ....

After the wonderful, peaceful holidays, today is the first day of the year at work.As you may guess, it was really hard to drag myself out of the futon this morning( and it was freezing) but the good thing was the trains and roads were almost empty. I think there are still some lucky people who are still on holiday....

I have been thinking of my resolutions for 2006. The list will be a long one but here are a few things came to my mind and I would like to achieve them this year:
1)To decide where to live (country and continentwise)
2)To continue swimming and yoga
3)To save money (for a trip around the world hopefully)

how about your resolutions for the new year?