Tuesday, November 22, 2005

kiri tanpo nabe

Last night, we had a feast- the first nabe ( one-pot dish) of this year!
my favorite Japanese dish is kiri tanpo nabe(one-pot japanese dish with mashed rice put on a chopstick) which is a specialty of Akita Prefecture.Not many foreigners, or Japanese know this dish but I am one f the lucky minority. Luckily, my host father is from Akita and he is really good at making this yummy dish.I hate cold and Japanese houses have no central heating, Kiri tanpo is the only thing I look forward to in winter, oh, and of course rotenburo with snow view:))

Monday, November 21, 2005

onsen bliss

As I told you on Friday, I went to Mie Prefecture to help my host parents with the moving. It felt like a short holiday rather than going there for packing.

We arrived at Iga-Ueno (a city in Mie prefecture that is famous for Ninjas and btw, the name of Ueno in Tokyo comes from Ueno in Mie, did you know that?) around noon and went to a yummy steak house (well, I usually don’t eat red meat in Japan due to several reasons but hey, it was 100% beef and Ueno beef is very famous in Japan ) and the meat was really delicious. )
After our late lunch, we went home to pick our towels and headed to Onsen. I have to mention that I had been bothered by the pimple breakout that I had for more than a month and no matter I had done( antibiotics, lotions, masks, I even mail-ordered stuff and all these just made things worse) , I could not get rid of the annoying pimples but guess what? After a relaxing dip in the Ones(hot spring), my skin cleared up and the next day I tried the mist sauna and took another dip in the onsen , and the pimples did not look red anymore and my skin definitely looked better!:)) I thought it was just unbelievable but that is what happened!

Anyway, I only packed 4 boxes and relaxed most of the time….:)) It was a nice break from my hectic life in the city. I really did not want to come back…. Hope my host father will do his job and pack rest of the stuff.

Another thing I was reminded during this trip was that the less stuff you have the tidier and cleaner your place looks I just have too much stuff ( mostly junk that cannot throw away)in my room but I do have to get rid of the unnecessary things, ASAP!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

these days...

I have been trying to write some interesting stuff here but I am afraid I cannot think of any at the moment:(( sorry...

I am going away to Mie for the weekend.Our new temple's construction has finished so we( actually only my host-father at the moment) are going to move the new temple. I am looking forward to seeing the new temple as it is going to be warmer and more comfortable ( the previous temle was a hundred years old and sooo cold in winter) but the packing and moving won't be that fun I am afraid. It is going to be very cold there but I am looking forward to taking a dip in the onsen( hot spring) :))

one more day to go .....gambarou!

Monday, November 14, 2005

girls' favorite activity is

of course shopping! i have been in a strange mood recently, so I was avoiding going shopping as I tend to lose my control when I feel this sway, and end up with spending a loooot of money- not good for me but I went to Ginza and enjoyed trying on stuff and found a very cute wrap cardigan in one of favorite colors- bourdeux:))

Friday, November 11, 2005


Japan is a country where you can find all kinds of snacks and sweets and I love all of them! I have been trying to get myself start a diet but for the last 2 days, I am craving for chocolate, especially for Nutella. ( some of my Japanese friends think I am crazy when they catch me eating Nutella out of the jar,hehe)
And I have just opened my drawer of my desk and what I saw was just different kinds of sweets everywhere!my drawer is full of these high-calori yummy stuff and they are so tempting but I ave to control myself somehow. does anybody have a good idea?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

back to normal

what a beautiful day!this is what I have been telling myself all day! I could get rid of that strange feeling that I had for days at last and I woke up with a call from Turkey, giving me some great news!Thank you my beautiful friend !yay!!! great! I also went for a walk during my lunch break as usual enjoying the sunshine and crispy air!

These days some people say I have to be more positive and think about good things so good things will happen and bliss will follow!They might be right ...will try to give it a shot...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have no idea why but I have been feeling really weird recently, actually since last Sunday. I know, it happens to everyone every now then but it just feels so tight around my chest and cannot get rid of this blue mood. I had this strange feeling ( like a heartache) when I woke up this morning.
aghhhhhh, what is wrong with me?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

good byes

another friend of mine is leaving Japan , again and I am still here. I don't know how long I will be living in this country but people are laeving and saying good-bye is very sad and makes you feel lonely.

Monday, November 07, 2005

beauties of Japan

I went to Hiroo (it is a very expensive district where many embassies are located and a number of expatriates -the lucky few who can afford the sky-high rents- live) on Saturday for the first time. I have been here for more than 5 years but hadn’t had a chance before somehow. Anyway, there was an exhibition-like event of Japanese lacquer Urushiin the event hall of a famous Ryoutei-a fancy Japanese restaurant where the former prime minister used to go very often. Everything was soooo beautiful and very expensive.:)) Lunch was included in the invitation. The food was great too!I really enjoyed the beautiful lacquer art and fabulous food. My favorite item was a black coffee table. I would really want to buy it if I could afford , but it was 1.2 million Yen! oh well, may be I can buy it if I win the Takara-kuji( lottery) some day:))

There were two Japanese ladies at the next table and we chatted a bit while having our lunch. As the first question, I was asked where I was from of course and I said" I am Turkish" and one of them got so excited. She started talking about how impressive Turkey was, and what a wonderful time she had, etc. What surprised me most was that she loved the Ezan in the morning. (Ezan is a call for prayers which you hear five times a day and the first one is before the sun rises so most of the tourists are so surprised and don't like it very much) The lady was so moved that she started crying as she was talking about Turkey. As a Turkish, I was very happy to hear that she really had a great time in my country but I have to admit that I have never met a person who was impressed by our culture and country that much! ureshii!
it was such a nice day with lots of smiles and joy!

Friday, November 04, 2005


it feels great singing for more than 3 hours at a karaoke bar even if you're a terrible singer! I am so happy that Japan has karaoke boxes everywhere:))

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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