Monday, October 31, 2005


Hi everyone
Happy Halloween! Well, the weekend passed very fast as usual. After a typical Saturday with work and sleeping in, I felt like going to Disneyland on Sunday after finishing the cleaning. Usually I am not that interested in Disneyland but I just wanted to see the Halloween decoration of the dream land and I live very close to Disneyland (only 30 minutes away) .My host mother agreed to go with me and I am so glad that we went there! We had a great time! The pics will come soon!
Oh man, it was fun! We didn’t get on any attractions or roller coasters as there were hundreds of people waiting in lines and I hate queuing. The jack-o-lanterns were everywhere and they really had funny faces!

Oh well, I am being Japanized too here but it doesn’t hurt:)

Friday, October 28, 2005

rushing to work

my day started with a panic this morning and I was exhausted by the time I could get to work after switching the train 5 times.:((

First bummer was my oversleeping this morning. I had to get ready in ten minutes and leave for work and I found out the first train I get on everyday was late so the eki-in-sans ( station staff) were distributing papers showing that the train was late so you’d prove your boss that it wasn't your fault.

After switching trains ( I switch trains 3 times each way) , I got on the local train and there heard the announcement that I had to take stopped:(( which meant having to go to work via Tokyo but it was too late. I called my boss and let her know that I would be late because the Musahi-no Line (a very old line that is famous for stopping frequently and its popularity for suicides) stopped. When I got to Ueno to take the Utsunomiya Line, it was late running late too (just about 15 minutes but it is very late for Japan) Can you imagine my face? I thought I couldn't be luckier than today (!). Oh my god, what a coincidence? All the lines I had to use for commuting stopped or were late. Here in Japan, you usually you hear the announcements on the trains apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining the reason but this time I only heard the apology. Anyway, I did my best to get to work ASAP but was late for about 20 minutes in the end. My boss told me that it was because of a heavy fog. Wow! Land of technology still cannot mess up with the nature, huh? :))

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

uluru Posted by Picasa

halfway through the week

It is already Wednesday and work hasn't been so busy lately and I cannot complain but what I can only think of is holiday plans no matter how hard I try to concentrate on my work.... I know that it is too early to make plans for Christmas, may be not because it is Japan and you have to make your plans at least 3 months in advance otherwise you may not be able to get tickets or go on a holiday when you want. I am planning to go to Australia before the New Years' for a week. I have always wanted to go there as I have many Australian friends and I have great things about their country.
I don't have any holidays left and I am not sure if I can take any days off before the New Year Holiday but I am planning my trip. The plan is going to Cairns, Sydney and Uluru ( Ayer's Rock) in a week and hopefully seeing friends there.

I have a feeling that I may leave Japan within a few years and Australia is really far from Turkey (takes 24 hrs); I do want to go on a trip to Oceania as soon as possible.

I have to go back to work , have no motivation tho .sigh.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Istanbul, the beautiful city

I have just received these beautiful pictures of Istanbul. thank you Ansi! Enjoy!

istiklal-taksim in snow Posted by Picasa

ortakoy Posted by Picasa

foggy istanbul Posted by Picasa

fatih sultan bridge Posted by Picasa

taksim Posted by Picasa

istanbul Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

interesting people

I was invited to a gathering of elderly group of people to give a speech about Turkey last night. It was interesting. There were more people than I expected and had a good of the people( somebody said he was a "japanese artist") started giving me a lecture about how to use chopsticks and fude-japanese ink brush correctly for about an hour. i kindly told him that I was happy with the way i usr them but he didn't stop talking. Then he started talking about the correct pronunciation of Japanese. Oh God! I thought he would never stop... lesson of the day: don't attend the gatherings especially when you don't know much about the participants, they may try to impose their political views on you which kinda happened to me last night. well, everything is an experience , right?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what song is going round your head now?

One of Sezen Aksu's songs has been going round my head for days but today I feel like singing it LOUD! May be I shouldn't , right? at least not now as there are more than a hundred people working around me now. The name of the song is Asktan ne haber from her album Yaz Bitmeden.
I am sure almost nobody ever heard of her but everybody knows Sezen Aksu in Turkey- she is called the queen of Turkish Pop Music. She is also popular in Europe but not in Japan, not yet. I have been a big fan of her since I was a little girl. She has also helped many young musicians to release their albums (she is really good at introducing great, talented young musician). I have been trying to plan my trips home around when she is on a concert tour in summers but all my plans have failed so far but I got to listen to the stories of how my friends had a great time and how amazing her concert was, etc. and I was soooo jealous! aghhhhh....I was really close this time but could not make it- again-well, I will keep my fingers crossed for next year!

I wish the karaoke boxes have some of her songs on their lists…that would be sooo nice! (they only have Sertab's ''here I am “which was the theme song of a Japanese horror movie produced last year)

The typhoon is gone, it stopped raining and I am so happy today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

inner child:))

Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

Monday, October 17, 2005

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The weekend was very nice despite the rain! Not having to work felt really great and i didnIt have to go to Tokyo except that I had to take my laptop to a friend's place in Ikebukuro to get it fixed . My laptop is not that old but it freezes a lot these days and when I start to restart it, nothing appears on the screen which just panics me all the time! I have lots of pictures and I DO NOT want to lose my data! So my friend was kind enough to take a look at it. He tried to figure out the problem but everything seemed ok he said, but he upgraded the soft wares and added stuff which would help the computer work faster-all this took about 4 hours! And when I thought we were almost done (because the install bar was almost finished), Guess what happened? Yes, the computer froze again and he tried to reboot it but, SURPRISE! there was nothing on the screen! To look at the sunny side of it, I could show him what I was talking and he could figure out the problem. The bad thing was it was 10 pm and had a long way to go back and it was raining so hard outside. Well, I had to leave ad he is going to fix it another time. His wife and daughter are very nice, so I had a good time but I really felt bad for making him work on Saturday night....But I do appreciate his kindness! Thanks again Jon!

Sunday was a quiet day. I woke up very late. I just love sleeping in on Sundays! I know, I am a lazy girl. I met Yumiko around noon. She has just come back from a trip to Turkey. She also went to my hometown and spent a day with my parents and as any typical Turkish mother would do, my mom sent me some stuff with her.:) The little (!)package was not that light, I really felt bad but was very happy get my favorite dried fruits grown in our summer house garden:)) She showed me the pictures she took and I am so happy that she had a great time! ANSI also took good care of her although she has been super busy these days, thanks ANSI!

Oops, sorry, it is being a very long post, I will keep it short! Anyway, I went to Choshi City in Chiba yesterday. Choshi is on the eastern tip of Kanto Plain. As I live in Chiba, the closest onsens- hot springs are here. We went to take a dip in the hot spring in Keisei Hotel and it was really good! They had a rotenburo, my favorite, open-air hot spring with different pools. I took a dip in the Jacuzzi kind of bath where you can recline and relax. I love Japan just because of fabulous rotenburos and good food! (Just kidding, I have many other things that I love here) We had dinner at a fish restaurant by the sea and the sushi was soooo good! Going to onsen felt superb after a very loooong time!happy, happy! :))

Friday, October 14, 2005

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teru teru Posted by Picasa

teru teru bozu-san, thanks!

You see cute tissue dolls hanging from the windows in Japan. These little hand-made amulets made by anyone hoping for nice weather.

"teru" comes from the Japanese word for "weather" and "bozu" means" bald-headed-Buddhist priest". You make these dolls from tissue and hang them until the day you want to shine.

take a look at this the link for how to make a teru teru bozu.

I saw these dolls on a TV drama called "teru teru kazoku" two years ago for the first time. ( that drama was an NHK drama broadcasted every morning and it was very good!)

One of the ladies in the division next to mine told me how his son made a teru teru bozu last night because he would be out today on his school excursion. It seems that it worked! It is a beautiful sunny autumn day although the weather forecast advised us to take our folding umbrellas with us today!:))haha, thank you little boy!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

oh no!

Had to spend the rest of the weekend at home as I got sick after eating out on Saturday. I am not sure if it was the raw fish I ate but something bad happened. On top of the stomachache, I have rashes all over my body. I started getting rashes on my face and neck at first (too visible (>_<), now they are all over my body. I didn't want to in public of course and my Japanese mom panicked and she panicked me too! I went to see a dermatologist around the office. The doctor said sometimes such things might happen because of some food when your immune system is weak. Oh and she also told me that rashes would go away within two weeks without taking any medicines. and I said "NO" of course! I look terrible and I feel like itching my face all the time, so I need something to cure my rashes, I can't wait for two weeks! As I am fasting this month, I cannot take the medicines during the day so I asked the doctor to give me something that I can take twice at night. At first, she couldn't understand what I was talking about but we could work something out at the end. I will take the pills and use the cream medicine for 3 days and we will see. Hope the rashes will go away soon!

The dermatologists I have seen always said my skin problems were because of stress or lack of sleep but this time I am very sure that is not the case. I am sleeping 8 hrs a day like a baby and am not stressed out at work. May be I am lacking something else????

The weather has been great since yesterday after raining for several days (I could air my futon- Japanese mattress, and hang my laundry and they smell like sun and I love it!)but here comes the bad news again: it is going to rain tomorrow! :((

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bophorus in better pics

i could upload better pics of my favorite places in istanbul! enjoy!:))

south campus Posted by Picasa

bosphorus Posted by Picasa

hall Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I don't know why but I just want to have a cup of tea watching the beautiful scenary from the south campus of Bosphorus University at the moment... it has the most beautiful campus in the world! but I am 9200 km away from it.....sigh.....

have a headache-again- and am so busy at work! why do we have to come to work? wish we didn't have to work......

here are some beautiful pics of my favorite place in Istanbul!too small?

bophorus Posted by Picasa

manzara Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 07, 2005

friday,my love!

I was so swamped at work today but I could finish all the jobs that I had to finish by today but I am dead tired at the end of the day.

I feel like going to karaoke tonight and sing for a few hours with my beautiful(!) voice:))but have to wait till monday for that.

anyway,have a nice weekend! oh, monday is a holiday too!yay!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I wish.....

I just want to pack my stuff, buy a plane ticket and leave for a long holiday in Asia…..

cambodia Posted by Picasa

a pic taken in fron of Angkor Watt, my favorite ruins.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

EU entry talks and Turkey????

yeah, the never-ending story starts again! I see articles in the paper about the EU membership of Turkey everyday. Sometimes you see some strange things written about Turkey which are far from reality but still this is the first time I see my country' s name so often in the papers. In Japan unfortunately , not so many people know much about my country.well, it is kinda understandable. It is far from here and it is not one of those super-power nations.but still , some of them can ( including the director of our division) shock me with the weirdest questions ever.( like "do you have TV in Turkey?", etc. can you believe it?(>_<)
Anyway, I am not sure if EU is ever going to accept our membership, I have to admit that I am impressed by the decisiveness of our government, especially the Foreign Minister.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Beautiful girl!

I have just got an email from a good friend of mine from uni. Their beautiful baby girl was born on the 2nd of October in Brussels! My friend also sent me some pictures of the beautiful girl! Congratulations to Kaan&Keiu!!!!!I can't wait to see the little beauty ,Helin but I will have to wait for at least a few months .....
isn't she adorable? Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005


Cannot believe that today is such a cloudy and gloomy day! It was so sunny and hot yesterday! I know, I am talking about the weather too much but it is because of living in Japan too long! HAHA!(may be but I shouldn’t blame just Japanmy mood has always changed with the weather– there was a word for those kind of people but I forgot it – if anybody remembers it, please let me know!) Japanese people love talking about weather. Letters, even business letters start with talking about the season and weather here.
Regarding the weekend , I didn’t do anything special over the weekend- just went to my acupuncturist for a massage as I have been suffering from migraine for more than a week now and my sore back is getting worse again…..:(( well, I will get off work in an hour and I am sure some fresh air will help.
Sorry for not being able to write about better things. Hope everybody started the week better than I did and all is well with you!